Did you create AI enabled tools to support healthcare consumer decision making?

We encouraged the development of AI enabled technology that helps support individuals as they make important health decisions in their day to day lives.  Submissions included, but were not limited to, technologies that help consumers navigate the various options they have in terms of care providers, or technologies that support individuals as they manage their own health and well-being over time.   

This included but was not limited to virtual assistants, chatbots, voice-enabled devices, digital platforms, and applications to support consumers as they navigate everyday healthcare decisions. Examples of these types of decisions include: choosing the right care provider,  finding a local pharmacy with affordable prices, scheduling appointments, etc.

How Does it Work?


Challenge Timeline

  • Challenge has launched & Applications are Closed!

  • Phase 1 Deadline: Wednesday, June 20th 

  • Phase 2 Deadline: Monday, August 20th

Winners Announced at Phase 2 Live Event: September 16-19, 2018 at Health 2.0 Annual Fall Conference

Phase 1

                                               Phase 1 Has concluded

  • 1 line overview of the solution
  • Slide deck (up to 10 slides) including a description of the solution and overarching goal,  how it uses AI to support healthcare consumer decision making, and product development/growth plan

  • A mockup or wireframe of the solution’s design (5 pages max)

                                            Phase 1 Evaluation Criteria

Submissions were evaluated and scored based on the following criteria: 

  • Impact:

    How strong is the solution’s potential to provide assistance for people of all backgrounds and levels of literacy in making health care decisions?
  • UX/UI:

    How strong is the design and intuitiveness of the solution?
  • AI:

    How well does the solution leverage AI?
  • Engagement:

    How likely is the technology to promote continuous and long-term engagement with the end user?

Phase 2

                                               Submission Requirements
  • A 500-word description of the app or tool describing its utility and what makes it more effective than other resources or similar technologies in the market right now

  • A brief video (3 minutes or less) describing the solution and how it would be used. This can be a demo video of the working product or a video explaining the concept/design of the solution and what makes it impactful

  • A link to a working application or tool

                                         Phase 2 Evaluation Criteria

Submissions will be evaluated and scored based on the following criteria: 

  • Impact:

Overall potential to support health care consumers from all backgrounds as they make decisions

  • Scalability:

Potential for widespread adoption

  • Strength of Presentation:

Overall strength of live pitch presentation at the Health 2.0 Annual Fall Conference


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